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#3dPrinting: Riser for Clothes horse

On bad days, my robot hoover tries to overcome the legs of the clothes horse and sometimes fails. Then shit happened again.

The widespread solutions with "wings" or clothespins as an obstacle did not convince me, so I simply designed a few risers that can be clamped to the feet of the clothes horse. The only function is to raise the legs by 1 centimeter, which is enough to trigger the bumper on the vacuum cleaner.

The riser is designed for a pipe thickness of 16 millimeters and should also be able to be clipped onto thicker pipes. Thinner pipes are also possible, then simply wrap a little tape around the pipe a few times to give the riser a hold. Gaffa will do the job, or you can use a few drops of hot glue.

You can download the necessary files from my thingiverse or prusa3d account.

I hope the thing is useful for you. Some of the links are suggestions for parts to replicate the thing and affiliate. If you buy something, I get a small commission. The price you pay is the same. Thank you very much.