"Wenn ich mit meiner Relativitätstheorie recht behalte, werden die Deutschen sagen, ich sei Deutscher, und die Franzosen, ich sei Weltbürger. Erweist sich meine Theorie als falsch, werden die Franzosen sagen, ich sei Deutscher, und die Deutschen, ich sei Jude." Albert Einstein

Quon DVD Database 1.5.1

by Ben Smith

The Quon DVD Database is a complete solution to manage your movies

(of any type, including DVD, VHS, or any other medium). Highlights of this
program include user tracking, barcode scanner support, user access, a
login system, and an advanced searcher. It can check DVDs in and out of
your collection, allowing you to keep track of which of your friends has
them. You can send reminder email messages, or they can simply log in to
see what they have checked out.

Changes: A mail system bug was fixed. Some grammar mistakes and
misspellings were fixed.

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)