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Revolution an der Tanzbar: B. B. King - The Thrill is gone...

R.I.P. Riley B. King!

2004 bei einer seiner unzähligen "Farewell Tours" in Stuttgart gesehen. Die damalige Setlist:

1. Introduction Jam
2. Introduction Jam II (I called it "B.B.'s slow… more )
3. Why I Sing the Blues
4. I Need You So
5. Bad Case of Love
6. Darling You Know I Love You
7. When Love Comes to Town (U2 cover)
8. Blues Boys Tune
9. Early in the Mornin' (Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five cover)
10. You Are My Sunshine (The Pine Ridge Boys cover)
11. Blues We Like
12. Key to the Highway (Charles Segar cover)
13. Rock Me Baby
14. The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins cover)
15. I Know

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