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#3dPrinting: Watchmaker's Bezel Lifter

 Disassembled bezel and bezel lifter with inserts
Disassembled bezel and bezel lifter with inserts
I needed a bezel lifter for the revision of my Kemmner Mechanik Turtle watch. Since the commercially available are simply too expensive for me, I make myself a homage to corresponding models on my lathe. As a preliminary step, I have designed the part as a 3D print to see if everything fits as I need it. Of course, the model must also work, but I can not say anything about the durability in a professional environment.

The tool is designed so that also inserts in other diameters can be made, I have added inserts for 44mm, 42mm and 40mm bezels.

Application: The two half-shells are connected with M4x30mm cylinder head screws, and the appropriate inserts are placed in the groove inside. The whole thing is then slipped over the bezel of the watch, so that the angled edge of the insert lies in the gap between the watch case and bezel. Now tighten the two screws alternately and with feeling. The clamping will lift the bezel off.

Watchmaker's Bezel Lifter
Watchmaker's Bezel Lifter
CAUTION: Do not use brute force. Even if the lifter grips the bezel, it is possible that it will be bent by brute force! Also remember that there is usually a spring underneath and a spring or rubber ring directly in the bezel ring, and that these tend to get loose. If the bezel is stuck with the lifter and won't lift off on its own, a slight turn clockwise or counterclockwise will usually help.

The bezel can be easily reassembled by pressing it back onto the case according to the mark on the inlay. This works best by hand.

Attention: The tool is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

2021/09/10: First Version
2021/09/11: Some small Improvements of the Inserts: Sharper Chamfer, height reduced by 0.2mm for better fit when using different filaments.
2021/09/13: Added new version with mounting for M4 nut. Filename: ClampingRing_NutSide.stl