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Ikea Hacks. High Heels for Ikea PS: Stilt One

Picture shows an Ikea PS Cabinet
The cabinet was raised 45 milimeters.
Our IKEA PS cabinet needed higher legs. Therefore, I have constructed a few extensions that make the cabinet 5 centimeters higher. The extensions simply slide into the square tubes after removing the caps. To increase stability, you can secure the extensions with M5 bolts and nuts, so that nothing is guaranteed to wobble. I recommend drilling the necessary holes at the back of the legs. To facilitate the marking of the hole, I quickly made a drilling template: This instead of an extension push into the tube, through the 2 holes on the template mark the places where they must be drilled, or best of all immediately set a drill mark with a center punch.

Picture of thing no: 5524201  on a cutting support with inserted screws.
Picture of thing no: 5524201 on a cutting support with inserted screws.
I recommend the use of PETG. or ABS, PLA might be too brittle. Best 25% infill. Print the parts lying flat on the printing plate to increase stability and to avoid predetermined breaking points, which might occur when printing upright. Set supports for the areas of the extension that will be inserted into the square tubes.

If something sticks: A few hearty blows with a hammer never hurt anyone ;-)

Here you can find the part at thingiverse.

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