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Empfehlung: LeoSounds Pickups

Ich verwende bei meiner Strat LeoSounds Pickups

Hier eine Besprechung, die ich vor einiger Zeit bei HarmonyCentral gemacht habe:

Submitted at: 9:21, 2/12/2005

Product Info
Pickup features: Passive Single Coil
Impedence or other specs: 6,8 kOhm* DC-Resistance Neck-PU L=3,0H* / - 6,5 kOhm* DC-Resistance Mitte-PU L=2,7H* / - 7,3 kOhm* DC-Resistance Bridge-PU L=3,4 H
Price Paid: Euro 85
Purchased from:

Model of guitar or bass: Fender Standard Stratocaster
Position: all positions
Pickup being replaced: Fender Stock
Other pickups on guitar:
Artists using this pickup:
You musical style(s): Blues, some Jazz
Reason for pickup change: Flat and thin Sound, especially Bridge / Middle of the original Mex Picups

Perceived output level: Louder than the original PU's
Tone: Very bright, warm Tone but not blurred
Sonic evaluation: Hot Rod, Marshall DFX, Roland Cube, different

For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable: Brit Blues, some Jazz

Overall Rating
Comments: I play Guitars for near 30 Years, changing often between Humbuckers and Singlecoil. In the last Years I favour my good old Ibanez GB 10 because of her warm Sound. I sell this Strat for workin' and warmup but with these really marvellous Pickups the decision which guitar I took to play is more difficult in the future.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this pickup a: 10 Fantastic value

Submitted by: Thomas Trueten

Die LeoSounds Pickups sind in kompletter Handarbeit gefertigt und stellen eine individuelle Maßanfertigung dar. Sie bieten die Möglichkeit jede blasse Strat oder Tele in völlig neuem Soundgewand erklingen zu lassen und werten jede Billiggitarre um 100 Prozent auf.

Es bietet sich hier die Chance eine völlig individuelle Gitarre zu gestalten, daher werden meine Pickups auch gerne von Gitarrenbauern eingesetzt. Diese Pickups sind jeweils Unikate, da sie natürlich durch 100 Prozent Handarbeit leichten Schwankungen unterworfen sind. Weitere Information


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