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Restoring von verschlüsselten /home Verzeichnissen

Aus dem xandrOS Forum:

Hello All,
i've just restored a Backup of my xandros homedirectory, /etc/passwd /etc/shadow etc... but can't access it, because the directory canout be mounted. ("passwd out of sync...", "user expired" etc.). I've also restored the /home/.usr_keys etc.

Any hints?

1. Restore all files in /home
2. Edit /etc/security/pam_mount.conf an add all from /home/.username.pam_mount.conf.bak to the end of this file:

Here an example with the user "xandros"

# /etc/security/pam_mount.conf
volume xandros crypt - /home/.xandros.fs /home/xandros cipher=aes,keysize=256,loop aes-256-cbc /home/.xandros.key

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