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Makita RT0700 (Or Katsu and similar Clones) Router to Bosch / Malfell FSN Rail Adapter.

I use a lot of Bosch Professional hand machines in my workshop and have a matching FSN 1100 guide rail. Unfortunately, my beloved Makita RT0700CX2J router does not fit this rail. Buying a Makita rail and a matching adapter is out of the question, why do I have a printer? So I quickly made an adapter, which is suitable for my purposes. Except for a bit of filament you only need an 8mm x 160mm shaft to connect the router to the adapter. Even straight cutouts nothing stands in the way and you have saved a lot of money.

Speaking of money: I would be glad, if the adapter is also useful for you, that you visit with your next purchase perhaps one of the affiliate links here and order over it. For you, the purchased product is not more expensive, but I get a small commission for it.

And please note the license of this tool. No commercial use. Thank you!

BTW: The adapter should also fit with the Katsu routers and their clones. Due to the compatibility of the Bosch and Malfell guide rails, it is also possible that this adapter fits the latter. But that lacks me the experience. If he fits you: Write a comment.

So, here ist is, printed with my AnyCubic i3 MEGA, with Filament from Goedis: Black PLA.

I suggest 20% infill, 0.20mm Height of Layer, 1,06% Flow, 215° Nozzle, 60° Heatbed and 60% Cooling. (I use an Titan Extruder and Sunon Fans, you'll try it with your Standard PLA Settings).

Some of the links are Affiliate. If you buy something, I get a small commission. The price you pay is the same. Thank you.
Source: myself @ thingiverse