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Tube and Rod Cutter for ProXXon IBS / E

Sometimes it is practical to use the ProXXon IBS/E to cut thin pipes or rods. And it would be nice if this could also happen at an angle of 90 °.

So I did a remix of the cool tool published by GreaseMonkey88 to cut small diameter rods or tubes using my ProXXon.

Unfortunately, the holder from ClaudioBitschnau probably only fits the Micromot devices from ProXXon with a smaller neck diameter (<20mm). So I redesigned the part from scratch with minor improvements, I also installed the great extensions from mettauk because I think they make sense: Two bench fixing holes to fix the base of this guide to a workbench or other solid surface.

The larger diameter of the ProXXon IBS/E made it necessary to change various other dimensions. So it is possible to use cutting discs up to 38mm. For example, you can also rob the Dremel Speed clic cutting discs. The clamping of the IBS / E is designed for maximum torsional strength, which is why it is only through a slotted hole that is clamped with an M4 x25 cylinder screw and an M4 nut. (Please tighten with feeling, it is still plastic ;-)

A height adjustment with easy adjust turn for M6 hex bolt or nut if using a cap bolt etc. simply Super glue the M6 nut to the bolt and thumb turn (after inserting through the guide)

You will need a small tube or rod with a 8mm diameter to connect the two parts. For a perfect fit you have to drill the hole for the shaft with an 8mm drill, but better with a 7.5mm drill and then with an 8mm reamer. The guide part might need some sanding to fit in the base, I wanted it to fit nicely with little play, just like the role model.

You also need an M6x30mm cylinder head screw and an M6 nut for height adjustment and an M4x12mm cylinder head screw and an M4 nut for clamping the ProXXon tool.

I've also added a modified support-block, for supporting the loose end of the tube/rod to be cut.

More Information and Download. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

  • 2020/01/14: Added Insert for small Diameters and / or smaller (diamond) cutting discs Please be careful when sawing: the rest hangs in the air and can tear off uncontrollably!

  • 2020/01/15: I have changed the insert for the tool, it is now easier to remove from the base plate by simply lifting out on the protruding part. Cutting to size is now also possible with (diamond) cutting discs with a minimum diameter of 20mm. My hint is to print this part as shown in the last picture.

Some of the links are suggestions for parts to replicate the thing and affiliate. If you buy something, I get a small commission. The price you pay is the same. Thank you very much.


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