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Eric Seitz zum wegen Formfehlern geplatzen Prozess U.S. Army vs. Ehren Watada

Auf YouTube steht ein Video mit Eric Seitz, Anwalt von Ehren Watada zum Ansehen zur Verfügung. Er nimmt darin Stellung zum geplatzten Prozess.

ERIC SEITZ: We think it may become a very significant victory, depending upon what happens between now and the next time we go back to court. My firm belief professionally is that the consequence of granting a mistrial over our wishes means that because jeopardy attached, so the case cannot be retried. I don’t know that the judge realizes that. I’m not sure that government counsel appreciates that or the spokespeople for the Army today, but in my experience and based upon my professional judgment, there is a very strong likelihood that they cannot retry this case. And if it is in fact the end of this case, then, yes, that's a very significant event and a terrific victory.


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