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Mini UNO Card Game Box

Here is a box for the popular card game UNO in the "mini" version. This issue has flown to me in Thailand, unfortunately I've never seen it anywhere else. Meanwhile, the original box is somewhat scratched, so that something new had ago. Because of the unusual format was unfortunately no scaling of existing designs such as (thing: 145436) possible, which is why I then just designed the box from scratch.

Maybe someone can use the box, for easier opening a small "overpressure" opening is built in.

So, here ist is, printed with my AnyCubic i3 MEGA, with Filament from Alicia3DP: RED PLA. This Filament from Spain is very cheap, but can be processed well.

I suggest 15% infill, 0.20mm Height of Layer, 1,06% Flow, 220° Nozzle, 60° Heatbed and 100% Cooling. (I use an Titan Extruder and Sunon Fans, you'll try it with your Standard PLA Settings).
For the thin walls, I recommend to set Simplify 3D in the advanced options for External and internal Thin Wall Type to "perimeters only". Otherwise, there may be problems with the lettering.

Sources: thing:3785199. Due to recent problems with thingiverse currently downloadable only here: Case Bottom and Case Top.

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