"Here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" Oliver Hardy

Serendipity Update 2.1.6 auf 2.3.0

Nach dem Update auf die gestern Nacht erschienene Version Serendipity 2.1.6 haben wir das Blog auf die Serendipity Version 2.3.0 aktualisiert, die nach 2 jähriger Entwicklungszeit fertig gestellt wurde.

Serendipity 2.3 focuses on

  • PHP 7.2 and 7.3 support - minimal PHP version is now PHP 7.0
  • Smarty upgrade to 3.1.33
  • Updates to the media manager and some bug fixes
    • New function to add multiple images to an entry at once, creating a gallery
    • Use figure/figcaption markup for media manager images with captions
    • Ability to create responsive image thumbnails
    • Set responsiveimages as default plugin
    • Add rewrite to absolute url for srcsets to the feed generation
  • Using voku/simple-cache for internal cache as bundled lib, which will allow to cache with memcached and redis instead of just on the filesystem
  • Adding a maintenance mode option
  • Improving the nl2br plugin (thanks to Stephan Brunker!)
  • Allowing to receive multiple trackbacks and pingbacks (thanks to @Mitch!)
  • Changing (installation) defaults: disable entryproperties cache and enable internal cache, enable stable-archive option

Other changes include:

  • Security fixes for XSS in Editor Preview and Media Library by interpreted EXIF tags (thanks to Hanno Boeck!)
  • Fallback for $lang variable when configuration failed to load which evades some unuseful error messages (thanks @HQJaTu!)
  • Drop deprecated serendipity_purgeEntry function
  • Bootstrap4 adaptations
  • Fixes for plugin drag'n'drop
  • Multiple minor bug fixes to core, bundled plugins and bundled themes.