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Blog Software Update

After a quick update of the PHP version from 7.* to 8.0.25 and a database backup, I had updated the Serendipity version of the blog software used here version from 2.3* to the 2.4.0 beta some time ago in order to be able to make a small contribution to its further development by reporting bugs. There were also some problems, especially with plugins, starting with the comments, the static pages and the Karma plugin. In the meantime, these problems have been solved and a few days ago, after a long development period, the stable version 2.4.0 was published and made available for download. Even after this release, the tireless development team does not sleep but reacts immediately to error messages.  Thank you again for your work!  This is what I have appreciated so much about Serendipity since version 0.9 2005, the version with which I wrote the first article on 19 November.